Monday, June 25, 2007

Robin..... Robin..... Robin

Most of my peeps don't know Robin. Who is technically my second cousin, but who is really something much closer to a sister. We are not at all alike. In fact we are about as different as two people can get. I wouldn't change that for the world. I met her once when I went with my Grandma and uncle to visit her mom and go to Disney world. To be honest I don't remember much about that trip. I have a terrible memory. I didn't see her again until I was a teenager. I was a Sophomore or Junior in high school. Lets just say I wasn't behaving the way I should have been, and instead of sending me to a boarding school I went off to live with my Aunt Connie. Which I did NOT want to do. I ended up sharing a room with her daughter, Robin. Who was extra nice to me considering that she had to give up half of the little space she had to me, basically a total stranger. We got to know each other and, well, over time we became very very good friends. Despite our differences. She was perky - I was kind of laid back. She was blonde - i was brunette. She was very Robin - I am very Reagan. We had lots and lots of adventures. I say adventures, because they were just that. With Robin everything seemed to be an adventure. In the end my mom had to make me leave. I loved being there with her so much I didn't miss my old school or friends or anything.
Now we are quite a bit older. Our lives still seem very different. She has 3 beautiful kids (little Silas just arrived in May)- I only have or want one. She lives up North - I am way South. Stuff like that.
Today I find myself missing her very very much. So here are just 10 of the things I remember about the time I lived with Robin.

1 - the Lean Green Wrecking Machine - also known as her truck, which did wreck many times
2 - going to the mall - like a ton
3 - nabbing silverware and or little bottles of condiments from restaurants we went to
4 - TJ Maxx
5 - always forgetting my shoes while leaving for school
6 - that she could change her whole outfit - pants included - while driving the car
7 - riding around with our tops off - because it was freakin hot, and we convinced ourselves they looked like bikini tops anyways
8 - going to get tattoos - the lady hated us
9 - her moms chicken fingers
10 - laughing ALL the time
11 - because it just popped in - We ran out and laid in the street (naked I think) on a full moon, so we would dream of our true love that night - silly us

here she is - preggo - with Silas, and thats Caden and Sofie.

this is Silas - hello Silas, welcome to the world!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today I feel YELLOW.

Bright, bold, happy, fresh, warm.... Yellow!
Here is some flickr-ness to share with you how I am feeling today.1. Yellow_wall_Girls, 2. Yellow stair, 3. funky feet: yellow shoes, striped socks, 4. Frenzy 2006 - Yellow Light, 5. monday=yellow, 6. Madrid, 7. Lose that Girl, 8. Dunas Douradas 2, 9. Sun Outburst-City in the Skies., 10. Keeping out the yellow hordes, 11. Cool it, 12. Yellow!, 13. yellow

something fun to do

go to Wetpaint Please Touch and make something. I made thesee two.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lots to talk about

So this weekend was really fun. We drove around a ton. Went to the city wide garage sale - but it was a bust. We played put-put, ate sno-cones, shopped, had some awesome meals, shopped some more, saw a movie, and had an all round good time. We did fight a little, but hey.... that's just us. I got some good pictures. Until my camera broke late Saturday afternoon. That's right it broke. So me, the queen of the digital camera, had to go buy a disposable one. YUCK!!!!!! Chris is going to try to fix it this weekend. We'll see. Otherwise it costs about 300 to fix, and takes cannon about 6 months to do it. Fun. We still managed to have a good time. I got mel an awesome shirt, and joey some fun little kid robot toys. She loves those. I also got a nice little amount of scrappin goodies. However in comparison to the Houston scrap stores Austin's can't even hold a candle. I have already done a few pages from the trip. Love scrappin stuff right away. Fresh memories and all that.
Wed. before i left my scrappy ladies surprised me with shrek cupcakes, and a lovely gift card to Ritz. They are so sweet. My lovely ladies of scrap.
Last night at archivers mimerz surprised me with some birthdayness. I got and awesome blossom and chili's tortilla soup. She also gave me a rad camo purse with a cool skull on it, some scrap goodies, and she saved some birthday party cookies for me. I love those cookies. Mel surprised me with a chain for my ray-gun and some cookies before i left. the cookies made for nice snacks on the way to Austin. so yummy. I love all my scrappy girls. they make life so much fun.
I will post some photos from this weekend tomorrow.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Powers That Be

must love me as well - both my stamps ans my zingBoom kit arrived today.
Happy Happy Joy Joy
its a good day

My hubby loves me

and made me this funny thing for my birthday. He knows all too well my love for both Orlando and the bloomin onion. I love him. (my husband, that is) Chris makes me smile.

Today is not just Flag Day.....

It also happens to be my 29th Birthday.

Today started of bad... Chris waking me up by yelling at his mom on the phone at like 4:30 am (don't even ask why she called). Then it got better. I was wide awake so i decided to go ahead and watch Little Miss Sunshine.

It blew me away. I loved it so much. I cried, and laughed, and fell in love. It really made my day better.
So now I am at work. Tonight we will go out to eat. Saltgrass I think. Then this weekend we are headed for Austin. Fun, fun, fun.
Here is a little flickr love - on my birthday no less. Very how I feel today. Longer post later.
1. like just another day II, 2. summer's finally here!, 3. chunnyness, 4. selfportrait, 5. the wreckers yard, 6. Pretty in pink, 7. runner4, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled, 10. for Nichole, 11. Untitled, 12. Catching Blu Rays, 13. Rise and shine14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last night

I went to Archiver's and scrapped with Mogonz, and was treated with Cammy and Parkers presence. They are two of my very favorite children. Parker draws like a mad man, and I love that. He makes beautiful little scribbles and sheets filled with lots of little monsters. Cammy did her play school worksheets the whole time. She would have us grade them, always 100%. They make me smile.
My melly*mel-est of Mels also brought me my birthday treats that she got me at convention. Lots of lovely rub-ons, Basic Grey and some very delicious fontwerks rub-ons. I also got some hella cute Cherry Arte papers that make me want to go play video games. There was a lovely Heidi Swapp bird and branch mask, and some elsie cloud cloth paper. I even got a nice warm dish of her yummiest brownies. I love that melly*mel of mine.
Mimerz couldn't make it. She has come down with Pleurisy. One of the many things that plagues her because she is old. Hehehehehehe. Not really, I mean she is old.... er that me, but not old. I guess it is like an inflammation of one of her lungs. She says it hurts to take in a deep breath or pick up anything. That sucks. I am sending her feel better vibes. She has her 2 sons joint birthday party this weekend and I don't want her to be all sick and feeling yucky. Sick and hostess suck together.
After scrappin the fam and I went to see Bridge to Terabithia. Loved it. It was very light and fun for most of the movie. Then it got heavy, and the heavy parts were very very heavy. The ending sort of made up for it. I really think that to fill out the movie Joey and I will have to read the book. I loved the little girl who played Leslie. I would like for Joey to be something like that character. Full of wonder, and life. Aware of who she is, and an awesome sense of style. If only.
I am currently waiting for Little Miss Sunshine and Underworld Evolutions to arrive from my Netflix queue. Want to see them very bad. If you do netflix drop me a line at so I can add you as one of my netflix friends. Love to see what other people think about movies.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Flickr photo love

Holy Cow!!! - Mitchell Kraft - the dude scrapper

So I knew that a guy scrapper was one of the people who won CK's Hall of Fame this year, but i had no idea just how good his stuff was. I found him on Scrap in Style TV, but he didn't have any layouts posted. Then I went over to 2peas, same thing. So then I went to his web site, and I have to say..... He rocks!!!!! He is young and his layouts are fresh. Well I just think its really cool. Go check out his stuff.

Friday, June 08, 2007

My recent flickr loves

My Raunchettes

Who are by no means a poor substitute, will be joining me for some scrappin fun tonight. Which will be a nice distraction from thinking about how my little scrap Betties are doin. What do I have to work on???? I will have to find something...... I will be helping Cristine do her wedding invitations so that should take up a bit of the time.
I think maybe Chrissy felt bad for me. He bought me the Fontwerks Fresh Foliage Acrylic Stamps that I have been wanting for like EVER. So that is making me kind of happy. Well to be truthful very very very happy. Love those freakin stamps. Let me see if I can find a picture.
See, aren't they awesome.
Of recent I have been on a quest. A quest for strange and unusual stamps. I am in love with stamps that can only be found exclusively in kits. I mean in love with them. Its so sad really. Like the girl that is forever in love with the handsome but unattainable gay guy. These stamps are my gay guy. My hope and dream is that Poppy Ink (the kit club who happens to make the objects of my affection) will sell them on their own. One can hope and dream..... right???
My missing convention has helped me decide what next weeks challenge will be. Something we can all relate to.
Now I am going to go and look up stuff I want to do in Austin. Any ideas??? We will be hitting scrap stores, and all the little boutique type places that I can find. Maybe I will come back with a few treasures.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Must stop thinking about it

i must!!!!!

I am sad

Tomorrow, my friends will be leaving for the great american scrapbook convention in arlington without me. this sucks. For the first time in like 3 years i will not be there with them. scrappin my little heart out, and buyin lots of yummy product. the fact is that it really isn't even about the scrappin. we have fun. not mommy fun, not wife fun, just fun. the kind of silly fun you can only have when its just you and the ladies you love. ya know??? it is once a year when i get to go off and be the girl i was before all of the daily stuff started to be so heavy. i get to laugh till i almost pee in my pants. i get to take silly photos. i get to make dirty jokes. i get to split all my meals with mel. i get to stay up to the wee hours cutting up and scrappin with my peeps. but not this time. sure i will get to go to austin next week with chris. we will have fun, but it will not be the same. not at all. NOT AT ALL! we argue. he is picky about food. he makes me feel like a dork when i act silly. he talks about music all the time. all the time. his driving makes me crazy. and i will still be in wife mode. wife mode. sigh..... i will miss this weekend more than even i know.
layouts of past fun - so i can wallow in how much i will be missing