Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today is not just Flag Day.....

It also happens to be my 29th Birthday.

Today started of bad... Chris waking me up by yelling at his mom on the phone at like 4:30 am (don't even ask why she called). Then it got better. I was wide awake so i decided to go ahead and watch Little Miss Sunshine.

It blew me away. I loved it so much. I cried, and laughed, and fell in love. It really made my day better.
So now I am at work. Tonight we will go out to eat. Saltgrass I think. Then this weekend we are headed for Austin. Fun, fun, fun.
Here is a little flickr love - on my birthday no less. Very how I feel today. Longer post later.
1. like just another day II, 2. summer's finally here!, 3. chunnyness, 4. selfportrait, 5. the wreckers yard, 6. Pretty in pink, 7. runner4, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled, 10. for Nichole, 11. Untitled, 12. Catching Blu Rays, 13. Rise and shine14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available


Blogger April said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! Hope you have a great day, and a great weekend.

Wish we could be there to take you out or something.

June 14, 2007  

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