Thursday, March 29, 2007

My new love...... Mew

I came across them by way of Mel - by way of Grin - by way of Shelby, and have fallen totally in love with this funky Danish band. Mew. Love love love their stuff. Their songs are this strange sort of pop/rock with very deep, layered lyrics. So many meanings in there. I can't get enough. Jojo and I have been playing them in the car non-stop. I got to see them during SXSW and they were amazing. Amazing I tell you!!!!!!! They were really nice too. Which is always a nice surprise. Talked to a few of them, got autographs. (secretly fell in love with their guitarist - Bo. I mean look how yummy he is...)

shhhh, don't tell my husband

Love the lyrics their singer, Jonas, writes. Like.......

In a big, big way
I am really small.
(from 156)

Your mouth is hiding
You've got smiling eyes
Softly dividing
What they see in your face
From what you feel like inside
(from why are you looking grave?)

I dare anyone to watch these videos and not want more....



Why are you looking grave?

you can find them on itunes