Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last night

I went to Archiver's and scrapped with Mogonz, and was treated with Cammy and Parkers presence. They are two of my very favorite children. Parker draws like a mad man, and I love that. He makes beautiful little scribbles and sheets filled with lots of little monsters. Cammy did her play school worksheets the whole time. She would have us grade them, always 100%. They make me smile.
My melly*mel-est of Mels also brought me my birthday treats that she got me at convention. Lots of lovely rub-ons, Basic Grey and some very delicious fontwerks rub-ons. I also got some hella cute Cherry Arte papers that make me want to go play video games. There was a lovely Heidi Swapp bird and branch mask, and some elsie cloud cloth paper. I even got a nice warm dish of her yummiest brownies. I love that melly*mel of mine.
Mimerz couldn't make it. She has come down with Pleurisy. One of the many things that plagues her because she is old. Hehehehehehe. Not really, I mean she is old.... er that me, but not old. I guess it is like an inflammation of one of her lungs. She says it hurts to take in a deep breath or pick up anything. That sucks. I am sending her feel better vibes. She has her 2 sons joint birthday party this weekend and I don't want her to be all sick and feeling yucky. Sick and hostess suck together.
After scrappin the fam and I went to see Bridge to Terabithia. Loved it. It was very light and fun for most of the movie. Then it got heavy, and the heavy parts were very very heavy. The ending sort of made up for it. I really think that to fill out the movie Joey and I will have to read the book. I loved the little girl who played Leslie. I would like for Joey to be something like that character. Full of wonder, and life. Aware of who she is, and an awesome sense of style. If only.
I am currently waiting for Little Miss Sunshine and Underworld Evolutions to arrive from my Netflix queue. Want to see them very bad. If you do netflix drop me a line at nebulaluna@yahoo.com so I can add you as one of my netflix friends. Love to see what other people think about movies.


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Love, love, love Little Miss Sunshine...

June 12, 2007  

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