Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am sad

Tomorrow, my friends will be leaving for the great american scrapbook convention in arlington without me. this sucks. For the first time in like 3 years i will not be there with them. scrappin my little heart out, and buyin lots of yummy product. the fact is that it really isn't even about the scrappin. we have fun. not mommy fun, not wife fun, just fun. the kind of silly fun you can only have when its just you and the ladies you love. ya know??? it is once a year when i get to go off and be the girl i was before all of the daily stuff started to be so heavy. i get to laugh till i almost pee in my pants. i get to take silly photos. i get to make dirty jokes. i get to split all my meals with mel. i get to stay up to the wee hours cutting up and scrappin with my peeps. but not this time. sure i will get to go to austin next week with chris. we will have fun, but it will not be the same. not at all. NOT AT ALL! we argue. he is picky about food. he makes me feel like a dork when i act silly. he talks about music all the time. all the time. his driving makes me crazy. and i will still be in wife mode. wife mode. sigh..... i will miss this weekend more than even i know.
layouts of past fun - so i can wallow in how much i will be missing


Blogger leann said...

welcome to the world of having no life, your a wife, a mother and if you have time you get to be some part of yourself that you left behine when you said I do. Marriage is a great thing when it works, don't get me wrong, but usually we lose a part of ourselves to become a part of someone else. However, continue to hold onto that part of Reagan, because we find her absolutely awesome. If it's any consolation you have your raunchy reagettes tonight at the village. Poor substitututes, but we'll do in a pinch. Love you,


June 08, 2007  
Blogger leann said...

obviously the system didn't like my first response to you, maybe to truthful, i don't know, but i know when i tried to publish it erased it. oh well. when you said i do, you became a part of someone else and lost a part of you, yes you have a good husband and a great, awesome, fantastic daughter, but somewhere along the way you have to lost a part of Reagan. you must fight the dark forces that want to keep that part because they know they are the fortunate ones, the ones who know the true raygun, fighting evil, protecting the innocent and creating fucking awesome layouts. i know you will miss arlington, and even though we are poor substitutes, you get to spend the evening with raygun and the rauchettes. love, leann

June 08, 2007  

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