Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guess What!!!!!???

Scrap Fu is the feature on Funky Finds blog today.
Which is totally amazing, because she has like one of the best blogs ever.
And now we are on it.
You can't see it, but I'm doin a Happy Dance!!!!!
Go check out Funky Finds when you get a chance,
make sure to check out some of her older posts too.
They have tons of awesome stuff in them.
Scrap Fu loves Funky Finds!!!!!
there is a link to Funky Finds on the left.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

my new shop

I have an etsy shop now, where i am selling scrap kits.
Its Scrap Fu.
here is a peek at my first kit.

and for anyone who wants to know......
i now have a camera that works, so i am open for shoots
love and kisses to everyone

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

29 things befor I turn 30 - for Elsie

1. read the last 2 Harry Potter books
2. fix my camera
3. do a full month "today scrap journal"
4. blog more
5. tell jo-jo i love her as many times as possible
6. go on a trip, to anywhere
7. make more of my own scrapbook paper
8. draw a lot more
9. make cupcakes more often
10. take joey and chris to shlitterbaun for their first time
11. make my own stamps
12. go to scrap convention with my girls
13. learn more photoshop techniques
14. swim more
15. kiss my husband more
16. buy and beat resident evil umbrella chronicles, and lego star wars: the complete saga for wii
17. lose 15 lbs
18. get a quarter of the silkscreen posters we have up
19. turn lyonseye photography from a side business into a all the time business
20. go to the beach
21. take joey camping this fall and have yummy yummy smores
22. see my uncle jp more
23. either dread or cut my hair
24. get another tattoo
25. be happier
26. continue to be a big part of joey's school
27. make paco a new collar
28. help chris stop and realx a little
29. see more movies

Monday, August 06, 2007

Just a Sec to say hello and leave you with this....

mimi being mimi - she makes me laugh. I wasn't even there and i can only imagine the amounts of laughter that went along with this tree's butt hole.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My secret love

If i could have an addiction, which i can not right now, but if i could it would be vintage stickers. I love love love them. The scratch'n'sniff one especially. Oh, my. Even just thinking about them gets me all giddy and longing. I had a sticker book when I was younger, and it was the source of much love and attention. Oh how i wish i still had it. My faves were the scented reward stickers you got from teachers. Most of them were made by trend. Followed closely by the Mello Smello brand. So so so in love with those. If anyone ever happens to come across these little gems - drop me a line..... i will trade scrappin for these stickers.
here are a few of the ones i had and loved