Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hello World

miss me??
oh come on... you know you missed me a little. ;)
i've missed you guys.
I am however on very limited online time and have been using it to keep up with my scrappin inspo.
sorry - I know, i am so bad!!!
total addict, but have i really ever lead anyone to think any different????
my camera still has yet to be worked on. which sucks - hardcore!
even more so that I currently find myself without a job, and with ample time to photograph things.
i will make the situation remedy itself within the next week.
one way, or another.
we've got joey all ready for school.
i hope she does alright.
i mean i know she will, i just hope i am right.
i do however hate school uniforms.
yes, i get the point - to help put kids on equal grounds and all that stuff.
i still hate them.
they go against my belief in knowing and being yourself.
I wore funky clothes in school, and got made fun of.
not because we were poor, but because i just did what i wanted, and my mother taught me to accept that lots of people would not get it, and they might try to judge me.
but that those people should never be the ones that mattered.
i guess that i feel like kids will be messed with, even if they do all dress like twinkies.
in the process of getting joey school-ready i did something that i swore i would never ever do.
we bought her a pair of crocs.
oh, the horror!
they are the loudest pink/fuchsia i have ever seen.
i want to hate them.
but she loves them so very very.
it seems that part of letting her be who she is will include shoe choices that i do not enjoy.
chris and i went to see a free early showing of hot rod.
it was hella funny.
they are crazy in all the right ways.
oh - for anyone who has cable.
hbo to be exact, make sure you check out flight of the concords.
it is crazy and silly and fun.
we love it.
even though we do not have cable.
we find ways to see it.
and we will often be heard quoting the series.
saying things in new zealand accents like
"and also mainly"
"brit, brit"
"i'm david bowie from......"
i giggle just thinking about it.
what else to write about???
oh the new harry potter movie.
so so so so yummy.
i have even been reading the books.
I finished order of the phoenix a few days ago.
and i am such a naughty naughty....
when i was in wal-mart a few days ago,
i read the end of deathly hallows.
very good
i can't wait to read all the juicy bits in between.
the books are far far better than the movies.
i say that but really the first two books,
and their movie counterparts seemed very similar.
but after that there were lots of missing bits in the movies.
important missing bits.
i still love love love the movies though.
elsies new lines look yummy
can't wait to see them in real life.
well - i am being given the shut down now or die look.
so farewell
for now
i will try to blog sooner
keep your fingers crossed that i will have pics from my newly fixed camera the next time i blog.