Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lots to talk about

So this weekend was really fun. We drove around a ton. Went to the city wide garage sale - but it was a bust. We played put-put, ate sno-cones, shopped, had some awesome meals, shopped some more, saw a movie, and had an all round good time. We did fight a little, but hey.... that's just us. I got some good pictures. Until my camera broke late Saturday afternoon. That's right it broke. So me, the queen of the digital camera, had to go buy a disposable one. YUCK!!!!!! Chris is going to try to fix it this weekend. We'll see. Otherwise it costs about 300 to fix, and takes cannon about 6 months to do it. Fun. We still managed to have a good time. I got mel an awesome shirt, and joey some fun little kid robot toys. She loves those. I also got a nice little amount of scrappin goodies. However in comparison to the Houston scrap stores Austin's can't even hold a candle. I have already done a few pages from the trip. Love scrappin stuff right away. Fresh memories and all that.
Wed. before i left my scrappy ladies surprised me with shrek cupcakes, and a lovely gift card to Ritz. They are so sweet. My lovely ladies of scrap.
Last night at archivers mimerz surprised me with some birthdayness. I got and awesome blossom and chili's tortilla soup. She also gave me a rad camo purse with a cool skull on it, some scrap goodies, and she saved some birthday party cookies for me. I love those cookies. Mel surprised me with a chain for my ray-gun and some cookies before i left. the cookies made for nice snacks on the way to Austin. so yummy. I love all my scrappy girls. they make life so much fun.
I will post some photos from this weekend tomorrow.


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