Tuesday, March 07, 2006


that is all I can freakin think about. I mean when exactly do we find out? Who will call? Will I even get a call? I feel silly even hoping I am going to be getting a call, but wouldn't it be wonderful. I am so in agony! Only like 5 more days until Monday ( hey they could start making calls on Monday right?) Breathe breathe breathe. Man I need like a sedative or something. Do you ever get to a point of anticipation where you physically feel like you are going to EXPLODE? Well, I am right there. Doom is imminent. I can't think about it anymore, not thinking about.... still not thinking about it.

Oh, and hello - only 8 more days until FLATSTOCK.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Hello again.

Hi all - I'm back and better than ever. Thanks for wondering where I was. I am so behind on my one page a day - that I have been making two or three pages a day. So much fun. I so love scrappin. I'll post some of my new stuff later this week. For Right now I just wanted to say Hi, and leave you with some crap ;)

This is some stuff from Strawberryluna. Love her posters. I get to see her stuff in person, and buy some peices at Flatstock. Thats right baby - only 9 days left. I can't wait.