Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful thankful thankful

Friday, Nov. 9th - I was thankful for movies, and spending time next to my husband watching them.

Saturday, Nov. 10th - I was thankful for my mom who taught me how to cook. I loved spending time in the kitchen with her, and love to see that Joey is exactly the same.

Sunday, Nov. 11th - I was thankful for a doggie name paco man - that loves to curl up on his mama's lap and be loved.

Monday, Nov. 12th - I was thankful for chiplote with mimi. Good talks happen there.

Tuesday, Nov. 13th - I was thankful for time at home spent scrappin.

Wednesday, Nov. 14th - I was thankful for Pecan pie - so delightful.

Thursday, Nov. 15th - I am thankful for ignoring the urge to overlook the Harry Potter books because they were kids books. Though I am one book away from being finished, they have touched my heart. I only hope they will touch Joey's too.


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