Monday, June 25, 2007

Robin..... Robin..... Robin

Most of my peeps don't know Robin. Who is technically my second cousin, but who is really something much closer to a sister. We are not at all alike. In fact we are about as different as two people can get. I wouldn't change that for the world. I met her once when I went with my Grandma and uncle to visit her mom and go to Disney world. To be honest I don't remember much about that trip. I have a terrible memory. I didn't see her again until I was a teenager. I was a Sophomore or Junior in high school. Lets just say I wasn't behaving the way I should have been, and instead of sending me to a boarding school I went off to live with my Aunt Connie. Which I did NOT want to do. I ended up sharing a room with her daughter, Robin. Who was extra nice to me considering that she had to give up half of the little space she had to me, basically a total stranger. We got to know each other and, well, over time we became very very good friends. Despite our differences. She was perky - I was kind of laid back. She was blonde - i was brunette. She was very Robin - I am very Reagan. We had lots and lots of adventures. I say adventures, because they were just that. With Robin everything seemed to be an adventure. In the end my mom had to make me leave. I loved being there with her so much I didn't miss my old school or friends or anything.
Now we are quite a bit older. Our lives still seem very different. She has 3 beautiful kids (little Silas just arrived in May)- I only have or want one. She lives up North - I am way South. Stuff like that.
Today I find myself missing her very very much. So here are just 10 of the things I remember about the time I lived with Robin.

1 - the Lean Green Wrecking Machine - also known as her truck, which did wreck many times
2 - going to the mall - like a ton
3 - nabbing silverware and or little bottles of condiments from restaurants we went to
4 - TJ Maxx
5 - always forgetting my shoes while leaving for school
6 - that she could change her whole outfit - pants included - while driving the car
7 - riding around with our tops off - because it was freakin hot, and we convinced ourselves they looked like bikini tops anyways
8 - going to get tattoos - the lady hated us
9 - her moms chicken fingers
10 - laughing ALL the time
11 - because it just popped in - We ran out and laid in the street (naked I think) on a full moon, so we would dream of our true love that night - silly us

here she is - preggo - with Silas, and thats Caden and Sofie.

this is Silas - hello Silas, welcome to the world!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My computer has crashed...ahg
I no longer have your email...I just saw this post and oh boy do I have a response:>:> Send me your email and addie.

July 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog title. Have been reading your blog for quite a is in favorites in my internet bookmark.
Where are you?
I am 44. I live in a mining town in the outback of Western Australia,work in a childcare centre and am a keen scrapbooker.
Miss your chatter.
If you ever feel like a chat email me back.

July 31, 2007  
Blogger aussiesue said...

Third time lucky to post a comment.
This is Sue in outback Western Australia.
Where are you? I enjoy reading your blog.
Get in touch.

July 31, 2007  

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