Thursday, November 15, 2007

Funniest thing ever

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Thankful thankful thankful

Friday, Nov. 9th - I was thankful for movies, and spending time next to my husband watching them.

Saturday, Nov. 10th - I was thankful for my mom who taught me how to cook. I loved spending time in the kitchen with her, and love to see that Joey is exactly the same.

Sunday, Nov. 11th - I was thankful for a doggie name paco man - that loves to curl up on his mama's lap and be loved.

Monday, Nov. 12th - I was thankful for chiplote with mimi. Good talks happen there.

Tuesday, Nov. 13th - I was thankful for time at home spent scrappin.

Wednesday, Nov. 14th - I was thankful for Pecan pie - so delightful.

Thursday, Nov. 15th - I am thankful for ignoring the urge to overlook the Harry Potter books because they were kids books. Though I am one book away from being finished, they have touched my heart. I only hope they will touch Joey's too.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

More thankfulness

Tuesday, Nov. 6th - I am thankful for a husband who can make me laugh even when I am really really mad at him.

Wednesday, Nov. 7th - I am thankful for my ipod, and itunes - i can have music that makes me smile at the touch of a button. And oh how it makes me smile.

Thursday, Nov. 8th - I am thankful for art. The ability to take nothing and make something beautiful out of it. Amazing. Art allows us a glimpse of each others souls, our true selves.

Monday, November 05, 2007

See - Told Ya

I just have a hard time getting to the internet to post something that takes more that a seconds thought.

Friday, Nov. 2 - I was thankful for movies that make joey laugh. We went and saw Bee Movie. It was great. I love to sit next to her and just listen to her crack up. She has one of the best laughs ever.

Saturday, Nov. 3 - I was thankful for funny art teachers who scream silly things when they draw hair. Joey takes lessons from Mark Kistler (who used to have a show, Commander Mark and the Secret City, on PBS when I was a kid). He is tons of fun and makes us parents draw too. Which I love!!!

Sunday, Nov. 4 - I was thankful for naps. Long naps on the couch with jo-jo nuggled up next to me and paco at our feet. So warm and cozy.

Monday, Nov. 5 - I am thankful for that extra hour we got this weekend. Never to much sleep time for me.

So many things to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


So the ever wonderful Leann has challenged me and a few other ladies to post one thing that we are thankful for everyday this month. Not that I will post every single day - nearly impossible for the Internet connection challenged like myself, but I will do my best.

Today I am thankful for Coffee.

That's right - after a night of trick or treating with children prone to running a muck - mine included. This morning lots of coffee was needed. And I dearly love those wonderful people at Starbucks.