Thursday, November 08, 2007

More thankfulness

Tuesday, Nov. 6th - I am thankful for a husband who can make me laugh even when I am really really mad at him.

Wednesday, Nov. 7th - I am thankful for my ipod, and itunes - i can have music that makes me smile at the touch of a button. And oh how it makes me smile.

Thursday, Nov. 8th - I am thankful for art. The ability to take nothing and make something beautiful out of it. Amazing. Art allows us a glimpse of each others souls, our true selves.


Blogger Funky Finds said...

Hey girl! I wanted to let you know that I recently posted a recap of the Stitch indie craft bazaar in Austin, Texas. I am also hosting a swag bag giveaway. I'd love for you to enter & to pass the word on to your friends!

November 13, 2007  

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