Wednesday, August 08, 2007

29 things befor I turn 30 - for Elsie

1. read the last 2 Harry Potter books
2. fix my camera
3. do a full month "today scrap journal"
4. blog more
5. tell jo-jo i love her as many times as possible
6. go on a trip, to anywhere
7. make more of my own scrapbook paper
8. draw a lot more
9. make cupcakes more often
10. take joey and chris to shlitterbaun for their first time
11. make my own stamps
12. go to scrap convention with my girls
13. learn more photoshop techniques
14. swim more
15. kiss my husband more
16. buy and beat resident evil umbrella chronicles, and lego star wars: the complete saga for wii
17. lose 15 lbs
18. get a quarter of the silkscreen posters we have up
19. turn lyonseye photography from a side business into a all the time business
20. go to the beach
21. take joey camping this fall and have yummy yummy smores
22. see my uncle jp more
23. either dread or cut my hair
24. get another tattoo
25. be happier
26. continue to be a big part of joey's school
27. make paco a new collar
28. help chris stop and realx a little
29. see more movies


Blogger Kim said...

Hey, girl! LOVE your list...thinking I should do one for 40 (which is coming up VERY soon!)

Hope to see you at the Village Friday!!!

August 09, 2007  
Blogger cstoler said...

Hey girlfriend,

I sure have missed you. any chance you are scrapping at the Village tomorrow night. We are and would love to see you.

In terms of $$ what would it take to fix the camera. I am thinking maybe we could change services. I pay for the fix and you take Mia'a picture or something.

Hope to see you really soon

August 09, 2007  
Blogger Siany said...

Hi!! I found you!! Thats a big list!! Good luck with everything!! xoxo

August 12, 2007  

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