Friday, February 03, 2006

Oh yeah! - 5 Questions

1- Do you have brothers or sisters? Tell a little bit about them. - 2 step sisters, both older. Lori is the oldest, and is a missionary - a soon to be married missionary. Renee' is the middle gal, married, no kids yet, she is in politics and runs a personalized stationary business on the side.
2- What is your favorite type of food? Chinese - hands down.
3- Scrapbooking technique you are scared to try? The iron ons - they scare me a little.
4- Are you a messy scraper or a tidy one? So messy it ain't even funny
5- What is or was your favorite kids book? Spider saves Halloween - loved that book. I love reading the Madonna books to my daughter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love chinese also. It's hard to find the good chinese around here though. Messy isn't the word for me, I passed messy up a long time ago.;-)

February 05, 2006  

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