Thursday, January 26, 2006


I love this site. It has the best T-Shirts ever. They crack me up, and I love the style of graphics they use. Well I should say that they pick, because the cool thing about Threadless is that they print other peoples shirts. You make a design - submit it - it gets voted on for a week - if it gets picked you get your shirt printed, $750, and $250 in store credit. The shirts they print are really good quality, I have loved everyone that i bought. Which is at like 8 now. So I just thought I'd share. Go by there - and if you see a shirt you really like register (they don't give out your info - or send you tons of crappy spam emails) - and then vote for it. Also once you are registered if you see a shirt that is out of stock you can request a reprint - I've done that one 3 shirts, and so far they have reprinted all of them. I guess I should show you some of the shirts.

These are some of the ones I have.

I want these.

These are submissions.

Hipster Doll by jcmyk is one I really Like.


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