Friday, February 03, 2006

Old Meme challenge

last week there was a meme challenge on 2peas that I liked but didn't get aroung to.
It was to list you 5 best and worst scrapbooking qualities. I know it is all subjective, but this is what I came up with.

1- Not afraid to try new things
2- I allow myself to be artistic and trust my vision
3- I use my own handwritting, and like it
4- I think I use color well
5- I also think my photos are great (I feel so conseited)

1- I am having a hard time finding my scrappin' style
2- I don't think I use enough photos on my layouts
3- I tend to be a little trendy
4- Because I use my own handwritting I can't fit as much journaling on the page
5- I don't scrap in any order - which can cause othe problems

So thats my scrappin - the best and the worst of it.


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