Sunday, January 29, 2006

5 Questions - LATE

I know - late. But what do they say.... better late than never.

1) What stresses you out the most? Money - or lack there of.
2) What is the first thing you do when working on a layout? Try to get inspired, usually by a photo, sometimes by a color.
3) What is your favorite kind of cookie? Peanut butter with a kiss in the middle.
4) What age was your most memorable birthday? 3 - spent at Sesame Street Place - hangin with Big Bird
5) What is the most recent non-scrappin thing you have used on a layout? A set of gift tags from an Urban Outfitters catalog.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's answers.

Kiss - Kiss
~~ R ~~


Blogger aday said...

K All done!! Check mine!! I have a new blog though its

January 30, 2006  

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