Monday, January 23, 2006

Meme 1.23.06

5 people I would like to meet in my life.....(alive or dead)

1) Alexander the Great - one of my very favorite people in history, to be so driven that he conquered the known world so young, I would just like to sit and talk with him
2) My mom's Yaya (Greek for grandma - but I don't spell it the right way, because my mom didn't), she made such a big impact on my mom's life. All the stories I have heard about her, I would just love to meet her face to face.
3) Cleopatra - wow to meet the woman that changed the fate of an empire
4) Orlando Bloom - hello - he's rockin some serious hot-ness!
5) My mom - before I came along. Her stories about when she was young are amazing - meeting the rolling stones, seeing the beatles, dating a friend of Andy Warhol (and meeting him), wearing a knit bikini in the desert (hehehe), and Greek adventures. I loved the person that young lady became so much, I would just like to see some of the events that shaped who she was.


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January 23, 2006  

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