Monday, October 23, 2006

This Weekend

I saw a movie that inspired me. Marie Antoinette was so breathtaking. If you didn't plan on seeing it - you should go see it just for the pure beauty.

It was almost too much to take in. I want to go see it again. Now if you are looking for some amazing story - don't. In truth I didn't feel like it was at all about the story.
Don't we know the story already? A young beautiful girl is married off to what will one day be the king of France - who spends almost no time sexing her up- she gets bored - spends money - gets even more beautiful - is hated on -spends some more money - is wonderfully misquoted -
has some kids because her husband finally does her - spends so more money and has a few memorible parties - then gets her head chopped off. I do think this was a wonderful look into what an amazing life she must have had. Amazing and terrible. What a beautiful cage she lived in.
Sofia Coppola's vision was amazing - the sets - the clothes - the everything, and Kirsten Dunst did a wonderful job.
Hubby did complain that several of the scenes were out of focus. However I felt they were supposed to be. For example, in one scene was when they were running through the field after a night of drinking and partying. I feel like keeping the scene blurred kept me in the moment. I mean how do you feel after a night like that? But the colors and the prints and all of the awesome little details won my heart.

*** all photos from imdb web site links

PS - I also wanted to share that I am going to be teaching classes at the Scrapbook Village - I will post more info soon.


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