Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where oh where have I been???

Hello all. I hate that I haven't had time to blog. But I really haven't. At my job I normally work an 8 and a half hour day. At least 2 hours of which were spent goofing off. But Joey's after school has been cancled and she can't start her new one until she turns 5. So now my day is cut short by about 3 hours. Which means not only was my goofing off time cut out, but I have one less hour to get my work done. No worries.... Joey turns 5 in like a week and a half. Right now I happen to have a spare second. So hi, hows it goin? *wink wink* So excited about being on The Village design team!!!! I love the place, and now my stuff is up in the store. We meet again this Sunday to turn in any extra stuff we have done. Which means I have work to do. I have already done some stuff, but I want to do more. More more more. Even though I only had one set of paper, I would like to do several layouts with it. I have some stuff to post in a little bit. I guess I'll do that during my lunchtime.


Anonymous catscrib said...

startin to worry cous! i was thinking about tracking down jp or your dad! can you believe they will be 5 soon...our babies arent babies anymore...oh by the way.....hehehehehhe

October 10, 2006  

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