Thursday, May 04, 2006

FIVE questions are back!

Its been a while so I thought I would post early.

1) What is the layout you have done in the last month that you are the most happy with? The page I did of Mel called Beauty at a Moments Notice. I will post it this weekend. So awesome!
2) As far as layout go what color combination do you like but are maybe a little scared to use? Purple and orange. If you have just the right shades I love them together - I just don't use them.
3) Do you prefer candids or posed shots? I like semi set up candids. You get them in the outfit you want - where you want them and poof wonderful candids
4) If there was a food fairy and you could ask her to make one food free of all things bad for you - but make it taste exactly the same what food would it be? For me it would be cookies. I love - I mean freakin love cookies. They are sweet, but not too sweet. There is such a wonderful variety of cookies too.
5) Who is the first person that taught you about art? I would have to say my mom. One of my earliest memories is laying on the floor coloring with her. She was telling me about staying in the lines, and shading. I also remember her talking to me about how art is subjective - and thow wonderful that is. That we don't have to agree that something is art. - Thank you Mom.
I also remember having a kick butt art teacher at Lantern Lane Elementary. Sadly I can't remember her name.


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