Monday, February 06, 2006

2peas challenges

Pick a number between one and ten and why is it important?
1- our one and only dog - Paco
2- number of sweet gals I scrap with on Monday
3- years without my mom
4- my daughters age, she is more independent than ever. This is the age that is teaching me paticence (sp)
5- days at work
6- will be married 6 years in June
7- number of layouts I do in a week
8- Ok I'm out of numbers

5 chick flicks for a girls night?

1- 50 First Dates - so sweet!
2- Dirty Dancing - does this movie ever get old?
3- Ever After
4- Mona Lisa Smile
5- Practical Magic

What size albums do you scrap?

I scrap all different kinds - I need lots of variety.


Blogger Michelle W. said...

Thanks for playing! Love your answers, they are fantastic! I love 50 first dates too. That is such an orignal story.


February 06, 2006  
Blogger Emily Adams said...

I found your blog from the 2peas list & I laughed out loud at your blog name - it's great. Lo & behold I get there & it has retro fabulous space chic and such wonderful layouts - and you're a Texan! love it...I'm going to keep reading. Good luck with HOF.

emily from magic scraps :)

February 08, 2006  

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