Friday, May 18, 2007

Lots to say

Hi - miss me??

Well if you are wondering where I have been for the last few days.... I have been over at Scrap In Style TV. I'm in love. Rad new site with an amazing gallery and very very cool message boards. Go there. Register. Watch a few of their shows. Load some layouts. Make some scrappy friends.

I got my zingBoom kit in on Tuesday. LOVE IT!!!!1 There is so much goodness in that little box. I get happy just thinking about it. Plus chris ordered me the robot stamp from them and it came in too. I feel like..... "Happy Happy Joy Joy!" (yes that was a ren and stimpy refrence)

I was without all most all of my ladies on Wed. But I will see them soon. The really bad part was that I had to take the daughter with me, and she threw a fit. Like full on fit. She tainted my happy place. Dang her! I'll get over it. Her punishment is that she can't go for a while. It goes without saying that I didn't get much done.

We went to the Greek Festival yesterday evening. Love that. It makes me want to go back so freakin bad. So bad it like hurts inside. Never been as happy and carfree as when I was wandering the streets of Greece. (Except with joey, but really thats a different kind of happy, ya know?) I am doing a weight loss program, and I did really well. No cotton candy, and only one teeny tiny Loukoumade. Which was hard, but I did it. I did get to eat a wonderful beef Souvlaki. Love them. It was joey's idea to go. She is very attached to the idea that we come from greek people, and that her yaya was greek. She loves greek food, and music. I am glad because I love it too. Makes me think about my mom. I hope that one day I get to take Joey to Greece. That would be amazing.

I have to stop thinking about travel. It makes me sad that we just don't have enough money to go any where right now. So so sad. I am a traveler, a wanderer. I feel the best and happiest when I am in a new place doing and seeing new things. I could travel the whole rest of my life.

Anyways - we have a packed weekend. Dinner at my aunts tonight, then a midnight showing of Goonies with Joey. She saw the flyer and begged to go to it. For like days. So we agreed. Tomorrow is her multicultural festival at her school. Thenwe have to go get stuff out of my dad's house. Clean the house. Yuck! Sunday is free family day at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, with stuff about dragons. The kids get to make free art projects and stuff. For us this is a lot. Plus we will probably fit Shrek the Third in somewhere.

Well I am gonna go back over to SIS now. See you over there.


Blogger Becca said...

: ) So glad you're loving SIStv--we're loving all our new SISters too! : )

Happy Weekend!


May 18, 2007  
Blogger micayla said...

I cannot get of SIS, its way to cool!!!

May 19, 2007  

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