Thursday, May 10, 2007

for her - today

wounds her effortlessly
and hides away some secret pleasure
smiles inside
unwilling to see
his malice is obvious to all
save him
happy in his misery
glad to pull her down with him
to hurt her again and again
he wields his angry words
like a weapon
and they inflict the worst kinds of sorrows
ones you should never feel
never from one you love so much
have spent so much time with
one who knows you so well
she will bear scars from him
they are marked on her soul
were I a good doctor or nurse
I would issue her a
wondrous remedy
but I am neither
just a friend
a friend who knows
there is no remedy
no prescription can be written
to remove love
or the pain inflicted by it
all I can do
is be her friend
let her know she is loved
that her worth is
far beyond measure
and while i believe that
"time heals all wounds"
is a little white lie we tell ourselves
time can numb her hurt
it can dull her pain
she will make it through this
as will the two she loves
and if she feels the weight
the weight of this decision
pushing down on her
we who love her
are always here
to share the burden
with a smile
and a glad heart.


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