Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lovin my girls

I love that almost every Monday night I get to see 3 of my favorite girls. They recharge me for the week. It really is a great way to start off your week. I mean scrap time filled with laughter, it just doesn't get much better than that.
Mel, Mimerz, and Natalie - I adore these girls. Mel is creative, fun, and sometimes a little gasy... I mean sassy. She is a real artist. She keeps me on my toes creatively. She is a great friend. (Mel was there in spirt last night - cause her brakes are broken) Mimerz is funny and cheerful. She's our little ball of energy. She knows just how to keep me excited about something. Hello - convention!!! She is coming into her own - scrapwise. I love seeing her step out of her box. She is such a good friend. Natalie is a new friend, but I adore her none the less. She cracks me up. She is amazing, calm, and patient. She gets excited in such a wonderfully calm way. I can't wait to see how our friendship blossoms. Oh and she has a rockin new haircut!
They are my wonderful lil scrappin betties. I love them, and I love scrappin with them. I can hardly wait for all the fun we are gonna have at the Arlington scrap convention.


Blogger Funky Finds said...

I am so pumped about the convention in Arlington, too! We need a "meet fellow awesome bloggers" booth so we can all get together in person :)

May 23, 2006  

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